Logistics and Maintenance

MTS provides its clients with skilled professionals (logisticians, clinical methods analysts, biomedical maintenance, etc.) to procure, warehouse, and transition medical equipment and supplies effectively and efficiently.  By providing a unique combination of planning professionals; procurement and warehousing management expertise; and inventory control technologies, all of which are essential to achieving and maintaining operation balance, we are able to provide our customers with a tailored logistics team that meets our customer’s healthcare delivery needs while mitigating their risks.

Since 2002, MTS has procured over 10,000 medical lines of supplies and equipment from over 400 different medical and non-medical supply vendors/distributors valued at over $70M in support of the Army and Marine’s medical and dental assemblage programs.  We’ve received, stored and assembled products into over 2000 medical and dental assemblages/kits at our 40,000 sq ft medical supply warehouse and shipped with a 99% on time delivery performance to our military customers.  Performance ratings by our customers are Excellent.