Programs & Projects

MTS provides administrative and technical support to the HFPA, whose mission is to plan, project and execute innovating facility capital investment solutions in the construction of military hospitals. MTS provides a variety of capabilities, in support of the health facility life cycle management process; master planning, project management, transition management, health facility technical and clinical reviews, medical equipment planning, and health facility criteria/standards. Products include feasibility studies, master plans, Military Construction project books, funding documentation, design reviews of construction documents, work plans, project management oversight both on site and virtual, transition planning, commissioning, technical consultation for medical, dental, veterinary, and research facilities.

  • Program/Project Management Support

    Program/Project Management Support

    MTS works with its customers to deliver an integrated solution that encompasses management, construction and operations/maintenance disciplines in order to...

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  • Facility Construction, Maintenance, Mgmt

    Facility Construction, Maintenance, Mgmt

    MTS provides a full spectrum of construction and construction management services with well-qualified professional engineers and construction managers capable of...

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  • Logistics and Maintenance

    Logistics and Maintenance

    MTS provides its clients with skilled professionals (logisticians, clinical methods analysts, biomedical maintenance, etc.) to procure, warehouse, and transition medical...

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